Our ambition is for the 2025 World Ski Championships to be the most sustainable world championships throughout history. Sustainability will be at the heart of everything we do.

Most sustainable World Ski Championships ever

Trondheim 2025 has a unique position and opportunity to take action against climate change. We will contribute to solving the challenges that now threaten skiing sports. Cooperation is essential to keep the promises now made, and sports are a unifying factor that can help achieve these goals.

We want to go the extra mile. We will challenge, inspire and demonstrate that we are shouldering our share of this responsibility. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Barnas skidag

At the heart of everything we do

Trondheim 2025 has a distinct role as social entrepreneur, and we will be an inclusive arena for everyone, both on the road to the World Championships, during the actual competition and in the aftermath. Our work includes:

  • Bringing in more nationalities as volunteer staff
  • Including para-events and more Nordic combined events for women on the World Championships schedule
  • Reducing isolation and exclusion
  • Contributing to increased activity and a sense of community

Selected Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide guidance in the strategy for the 2025 World Ski Championships. The UN has 17 SDGs. Our efforts span all their dimensions; climate and environment, economic and social aspects. The World Ski Championships have prioritised six SDGs where we believe we can have the greatest impact.

Succeeding with the World Championships’ sustainability ambitions demands that these measures are implemented, measured and documented. This will be achieved through our prioritised eco-lighthouse projects.

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