Lighthouse projects

The eco-lighthouse projects of the Ski World Championships intend to create lasting value for the city, the region, the sport, and other stakeholders involved. These projects require close collaboration with the business community and various knowledge environments to be successfully implemented.


UN sustainability goal 3.

Good health and quality of life

Trondheim 2025 aims to inspire increased activity and share knowledge that promotes better public health and enhanced quality of life.
Through the AktiVM project, we focus on social and physical activities tailored to all target groups. The championship itself will be an unforgettable ski festival for everyone.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal 3:

  • AktiVM
  • Children's Mini-World Championships

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Trondheim 2025 aims to drive innovation. By facilitating and stimulating new technology and solutions, we intend to catalyze sustainable behavior.
To test new technology and innovation, the World Championships will utilize the significant events leading up to the Championships. We engage the student community in relevant cases, and through World Championships challenges, we gain insights into the existing possibilities. We are developing measurement tools for sustainability and contributing to developing concepts tailored to sports events. Developing digital channels and platforms is a natural part of a sustainable event, both for conveying and sharing information and for captivating the audience.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal 9:

  • Snow for the Future
  • Measurement - Green Producers Tool
UN sustainability goal 9.
UN sustainability goal 10.

Less inequality

The World Championships is an inclusive workspace, both in the lead-up to the World Championships and during the actual event, where we aim to provide a fully inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. We strive for equal opportunities for all. In the World Championships program, we include para events, several Nordic combined women's events, and mixed team ski jumping in the large hill. There is equal prize money for women and men and a 40/60 gender distribution in the organization. Diversity and inclusion are central values. We aim to contribute to the development of the local community and facilitate the sharing of experiences and the development of expertise.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal 10:

  • World Championships as an Inclusive Workplace
  • Equal Opportunities in Sports

Responsible consumption and production

By consciously considering reuse, procurement, consumption, and trading with local producers, Trondheim 2025 will minimize its footprint.
We are taking several concrete steps for smart procurement and consumption of equipment, as well as recycling and reuse. We have sustainable procurement practices that support local actors and those prioritizing sustainable consumption and production. We have cooperation agreements with other organizers for shared equipment and aim to purchase used equipment for everything that is not meant to be permanent after the championship. We will contribute to more plastic-smart events and offer a sustainable food concept highlighting the Trøndelag food region.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal 12:

  • Plastic-Smart Ski World Championships
  • Sustainable and Local Food and Catering
UN sustainability goal 12.
UN sustainability goal 13.

Stop climate change

Trondheim 2025 is a championship for all. With a focus on inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunities, we are developing expertise and local.
By encouraging responsible choices among ourselves, our audience, partners, and suppliers, Trondheim 2025 aims to have a reduced climate footprint.
Trondheim 2025 is taking several measures to contribute to addressing climate change. In transportation and mobility, we will challenge the industry to adopt sustainable public transportation and set requirements for zero emissions in accredited transport.

We facilitate solutions that ensure recycling, reuse, and proper waste management. We will choose energy-efficient solutions and implement measures to minimize energy consumption. We will take environmental responsibility and drive the development of green sports facilities through environmental certification of our main venues.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal 12:

  • From Waste to Resource
  • Transport and Mobility

Working together to achieve our goals

Trondheim 2025 aims to be a collaborative platform that builds expertise and promotes awareness of sustainable value creation.

Collaboration is crucial for Trondheim 2025, both internally and externally. Through SPOR, we have established a platform for businesses to engage in sustainable value creation using the World Championships as a means. We will conduct sustainability conferences based on our values and establish the World Championships Academy to strengthen our volunteer concept. By being open and sharing documentation and expertise, we will make our sustainability efforts accessible to everyone.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal 17:

  • Spor
  • World Championships Academy
UN sustainability goal 17.


Ola Rønning