rom February 26 to March 9, we are hosting the Ski World Championships. Join the celebration as the championship makes its long-awaited comeback in Trondheim in 2025!

World Championship Tickets 🎉

The next ticket release will be in spring. Over 5000 people have seized the opportunity to purchase tickets for their dream day at Granåsen during the Ski World Championships 2025. Read about different ticket types further down the page.

Prøve-VM i Granåsen: Fulle tribuner og jubel på oppløpet.
Jubel i Granåsen fra publikum.

Here are the ticket types available:

In this ticket release, only day tickets will be sold. Prices below are listed for adults, half price for children between 4 and 17 years old, and free for children under 4 years old.

Main Grandstand and Ski Jump Arena: 740 NOK
For those who want the best seats at the cross-country stadium and in the ski jump arena.

Biathlon Stand and Ski Jump Arena: 630 NOK
On the short side before the finish line, you can sit on the largest stand ever built in Granåsen with 11,000 others, plus good seats in the ski jump arena.

Nature Stand and Ski Jump Arena: 520 NOK
For those who want to be close to the athletes. On the opposite side of the cross-country stadium, there will be a small tunnel that takes you inside the tracks. Unique experiences. The seats in the ski jump arena have somewhat limited visibility.

Family Area Litjåsen: 250 NOK
At Litjåsen, you can bring your children for a day at the Ski World Championships at a reasonable price. There will be activation with our partners, ski games, and other activities – all while being close to the track and the most crucial hill. With this ticket, you won't have access to the rest of the World Championship area, but it is suitable for families.