Åge Skinstad is new head of Trondheim 2025

Published: 09. October 2023

By: Ingvil Snøfugl

Åge Skinstad er lederen for VM-organisasjonen, som opplever stor interesse fra media. Foto: Ole Martin Wold

Åge Skinstad has been hired as the new head of the 2025 World Ski Championships. “The sport of skiing is so close to my heart, and this is a fantastic opportunity,” says the newly hired head of Trondheim 2025, Åge Skinstad.

Skinstad was formally hired in a board meeting on Tuesday.

“We’re very pleased to hire Åge Skinstad as the new head of Trondheim 2025. Åge has broad and extensive management experience from both sports and the private sector, covering a great many of the most important areas leading up to the World Championships. He’s very familiar with the skiing communities and the volunteer sector in Norway and the Trøndelag region. He also has an excellent international network,” says Bård Benum, chair of the 2025 World Ski Championships.

Former head of cross-country skiing

Skinstad is a former cross-country skier and secured his first World Cup points in Trondheim in 1990. Later, he became head of cross-country skiing in the Norwegian Ski Federation and has held a number of leading positions in the private sector. He comes from the position of managing director of Hapro Jobb & Karriere AS. Before this, he had several management positions in Brav AS. Skinstad has a large network in the world of skiing, and has extensive management experience from businesses of different sizes. Skinstad also has a very good understanding of media and the sponsorship market.

“The fact that he wants to return to the sport after more than seven years in the private sector is perfect timing for us. We look forward to getting Åge on board to lead the World Championship project toward a magnificent ski festival,” Benum continues.

“This is my dream job”

Skinstad is excited to take over the reins of the 2025 World Ski Championships.

“For someone who’s attended a lot of very big skiing events, this is my dream job. Everyone who remembers the World Championships in 1982, 1997 and 2011, and who love the sport of skiing, would be pleased to take on a job like this. I attended the World Championships in 1997 myself, representing the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), and now I want to help ensure that the World Championships in 2025 can be an even bigger ski festival,” Skinstad says.

“I’m looking forward to great cooperation in the Trondheim 2025 organisation with the owners, the Norwegian ski community and the private sector to bring this ski festival to life,” Skinstad concludes.