Berit Svendsen to leave the 2025 World Championship organisation

Published: 09. October 2023

By: Ingvil Snøfugl

Berit Svendsen

Berit Svendsen has informed the board that she wants to step down as head of the 2025 World Ski Championships.

Svendsen informed chair of the 2025 World Ski Championships Bård Benum last weekend that she wants to leave her position. The board has already started the process of finding a new head of Trondheim 2025, and the board hopes this person will be up and running soon. Svendsen will remain at her post through 2023, or until a new head of Trondheim 2025 is on board.

“We thank Berit for the good work she’s done along with the team, and for agreeing to join our commercial ambassadors,” says Bård Benum, chair of the 2025 World Ski Championships.

“The World Championship organisation’s first year has been hectic. Berit and her team have established a strategic platform for the event, and Berit has brought a range of fresh ideas into the project. The plan has now been refined with detailed work descriptions for all areas. The Trondheim 2025 project is now transitioning into a more operative phase, and we’ll be bringing a lot of key personnel on the volunteer side on board over the next few weeks. This will give the new head a good starting point for delivering a fantastic World Championship in 2025,” Benum continues.

“I’ve been pondering this decision for a while now. I’m involved in several areas of the private sector, and I’ve learned that working with those types of enterprises is probably what I find most motivating,” says the outgoing head of Trondheim 2025, Berit Svendsen.

Svendsen felt it was important to leave at an early stage in the project, so someone else can take up the mantle and deliver on what is guaranteed to be the world’s most sustainable sporting event and a major ski festival.

“I wish Trondheim 2025 all the best, and I’ll be on the sidelines cheering them on,” Svendsen concludes.