Here is the management team for the 2025 World Ski Championships

Published: 09. October 2023

By: Ingvil Snøfugl

At a press conference at Granåsen, chair Bård Benum (left) announced that Berit Svendsen has been hired as the head of 2025 World Nordic Ski Championships in Trondheim. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

The head of the 2025 World Ski Championships, Berit Svendsen, has worked alongside the organisation’s board to put together a very capable management team.

Berit Svendsen is bringing in two women and three men with diverse backgrounds from the private sector and sports to create an unparalleled ski festival during the World Ski Championships in Trondheim.

“I’m very pleased to present a management team in an international format, packed with skilled leaders representing broad experience from sporting events, sustainability, the volunteer sector, as well as the athlete role. The management team overall also has extensive experience within technology, business development, financial management and communication. The pieces are falling into place for a fantastic World Ski Championship in Trondheim in 2025,” says Berit Svendsen.

The entire management team currently lives in the Trondheim area, except Jemteborn. He is from Östersund, but will be moving to Trondheim.

Arne Øvereng, Financial Manager/CFO. Arne is 56 years old and is originally from Overhalla in Namdalen, but has been living in the Trondheim area for nearly 35 years. He has served as CFO or general manager of multi-purpose businesses such as Allskog and Norservice and has experience from several directorships. Arne comes to the 2025 World Ski Championships from his job as general manager of Trondheim Spektrum Eiendom AS. He has sports experience, both as an athlete in skiing, track and field and football through the years, as well as a leader in grassroots football in Strindheim IL. Arne has participated in the Birkebeiner ski race about 20 times, and has also completed the New York Marathon, both of which have provided experience from the athletes’ perspective in large events.

Ingvil Snøfugl, Public Relations and Communications Lead. Ingvil is 48 years old, a Trondheim native with a background as news and sports journalist for newspapers Dagbladet and Adresseavisen. She has also pursued a freelance career, and worked in communications for Sintef and Powel/Volue in recent years. Both companies have a considerable focus on sustainability, innovation, technology development and digitalisation. When she was younger, she was a junior national champion in cross-country skiing. Her education focused on sports, political science and journalism, and she earned a master’s degree in management. She is passionately involved in skiing sports, as head of the cross-country section of Byaasen Skiklub. She has also spent several years working for the cultural sector in Trondheim, both professionally and as a volunteer.

Patrik Jemteborn, Event and Sustainability Lead. Patrik is 48 years old, an Östersund native, and has extensive experience from organising events, as well as the volunteer sector. Over the past 15 years, he has been responsible for developing and managing World Cup and World Championship events in biathlon, and has worked closely with the World Alpine Ski Championships in Åre. The overarching goal has been to create shared World Championship experiences. Patrik previously worked as a military officer and now comes straight from a job as adviser for the Swedish Parasports Federation. He also spearheads a transnational project between Jämtland and Trøndelag, where the primary focus is to attract more international tourists to the region, for example through sporting events.

Kristin Mürer Stemland, Strategy and Business Development Lead. Kristin is 40 years old and has a unique dual background, one as a top skiing athlete and another in business development. She was a skier at the elite international level and has represented Norway in World Championships, the Olympics and a number of World Cup events. She spent several years on the Norwegian Ski Federation’s national team, which provided broad experience from events similar to the World Championship, from an athlete perspective. After her career in skiing, she completed an education as a civil engineer (MSc) in industrial economics and technology management at NTNU. In the private sector, her jobs have included business development and management at BDO and NTE. She comes to the team from a job as head of product and client offerings in SpareBank 1 SMN Privatmarked.

Haakon Jensen, Marketing and Brand Lead. Haakon is 36 years old and has worked for SpareBank 1 SMN and the SpareBank 1 alliance since 2010 on both large and small projects in the interface between business development, customer experience, technology and marketing. In recent years, he has been involved in building the crowdfunding service Spleis from a completely unknown player into something 70 per cent of the Norwegian population has heard of. He moved from Finnmark to Trondheim in 2003 to study and has a master’s degree in industrial economics and technology management from NTNU. He is interested in sports and has served as the head of NTNUI football. Haakon lives at Stavset, a mere stone’s throw from the World Championship arena at Granåsen.