The world’s best jumpers are coming to Granåsen for Raw Air

Published: 11. October 2023

By: Ingvil Snøfugl

Lillehammer 20230315. 
Maren Lundby etter damenes hopprenn i Lysgårdsbakken på Lillehammer onsdag kveld. Hopprennet er en del Raw Air turneringen som igjen er en del av verdenscupen.
Foto: Geir Olsen / NTB

To win Raw Air 2024 the jumpers must master three different hill sizes. This has never happened before and is initiated to increase the excitement in the world’s most challenging ski jumping tournament.

The Norwegian ski jumping tournament will take place from March 8th to 12th in Holmenkollen, Granåsen, and Vikersund. There will be 16 counting jumps in this winter’s version, and the number of participants will decrease as the tournament progresses. Only ten jumpers will be in the men’s RAW AIR final in Vikersund.

Last year’s winner, Halvor Egner Granerud, is delighted with the changes in the programme.

“I believe in building excitement around RAW AIR, and I envision it will feel exclusive for us athletes with only ten jumpers in the final round,” says Granerud.

On Monday, there were FIS meetings where details and rule changes for the upcoming season were finalized. Last winter, the first-ever FIS women’s ski flying competition was held in Vikersund. This season, it will have World Cup status.

Granerud is training in Granåsen already and is looking forward to competing at Home Soul during Raw Air 2024.

RAW AIR 2024 Schedule:

Holmenkollen, HS 134, Qualification Men and Women
Holmenkollen, HS 134, Individual Men and Women
Holmenkollen, HS 134, Qualification and Individual Men and Women
Granåsen, HS 105, Qualification Women, Individual Men and Women
Granåsen, HS 138, Qualification Women, Individual Men and Women
Vikersund HS 240, Official Training Women, Men’s Prologue
Vikersund, HS 240, Individual Men and Women
Vikersund, HS 240, Individual Women and Final Round with three rounds for Men: 30, 20, and 10 jumpers.

Holmenkollen will be like a regular World Cup weekend with qualifications and two competitions for 40 women and 50 men.

In Granåsen, there will be competitions on the normal hill on Tuesday and the large hill on Wednesday. There will be qualifications and competitions for 40 women. At the same time, only the top 50 men in RAW AIR after Oslo will participate in the contests in Trondheim, so there will be no qualifications.

In Vikersund, the top 15 women in RAW AIR and the World Cup standings after the Granåsen tournament will participate in two ski-flying competitions on Saturday and Sunday. Only the top 40 men in RAW AIR after the Granåsen tournament will participate in the Prologue in Vikersund on Friday and rounds on Saturday. On Sunday, the top 30 in RAW AIR will start in the first round, 20 will jump in the second round, and the top 10 will compete for the RAW AIR overall title in a 3rd final round.