The first international ski jumping competition in Granåsen

Published: 16. January 2024

By: Ingvil Snøfugl


The World Championship organization inaugurated the ski jump in Granåsen last weekend with the Continental Cup in men’s Nordic combined. The execution was challenging due to the weather.

“We gain valuable insights on the road to the Ski World Championships. It’s almost impossible to experience more weather variations in one weekend. I am truly impressed by our volunteers, organization and athletes. Everyone handled this very well,” said Kristin Mürer Stemland, the operational manager of Ski-VM 2025.

The Continental Cup is below the World Cup level, with 50 athletes from 11 nations participating. The World Championship organization provided 185 volunteers who worked hard to facilitate a successful event.

Results-wise, the weekend was marked by many excellent sports performances in ski jumping and cross-country skiing.

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