Flagship projects

These are the ripple effect projects of the Ski World Championships, designed to create lasting value for the city, the region, the sport, and other stakeholders involved. The projects require close collaboration with the business sector and various knowledge environments to be successfully implemented.

Sustainability goal No. 3: Good Health and Well-being

Barnas mini-VM and AktiVM

m†l 3- bokm†l

Trondheim 2025 aims to inspire increased physical activity and share knowledge and tools that contribute to better public health and enhanced quality of life.

Through the project AktiVM, we emphasize social and physical activities tailored to all target groups. We share insights and expertise for improved public health and quality of life based on the principles of ABC. The event itself will be an unforgettable celebration for people of all ages. Public health and quality of life also involve diet and nutrition. With advanced technology on the menus, we will provide customers with recipes and inspiration for a healthy diet. Our attitude campaign with ADNO against sports teams highlights the importance of clean sports.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal No. 3:

  1. AktiVM
  2. Barnas mini-VM (Children's Mini World Championships)

Sustainability Goal No. 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Snow for the future and measurement of sustainability

m†l 9- bokm†l

Trondheim 2025 aims to be a driving force for innovation. By facilitating and encouraging new technology and solutions, we strive to be a catalyst for sustainable behavior.

To test new technology and innovation, the World Championships will utilize major events leading up to the main event. We involve the student community in relevant World Championship cases, and through VM challenges, we gain insights into available opportunities. We develop measurement tools for sustainability and contribute to the development of concepts tailored to sports events. Developing digital channels and platforms is a natural part of a sustainable event, both for conveying and sharing information and for captivating the audience.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal No. 9:

  • Snow for the Future
  • Measurement - Green Producers Tool

Sustainability Goal No. 10: Reduced Inequality

Work-inclusive arena and equal opportunities in sports

m†l 10 - bokm†l

Trondheim 2025 is a championship for everyone. With a focus on inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunities, we develop expertise and local value creation.

The World Championships are a work-inclusive arena, both leading up to the main event and during the championships themselves, where we aim to provide a fully inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. We seek equal opportunities for all. In the World Championship program, we include para-athletes and additional combined women's events, as well as mixed team jumping in the large hill. There are equal prize money for women and men, and a 40/60 gender distribution in the organization. Diversity and inclusion are central. We aim to contribute to the development of the local community and facilitate the sharing of experiences and the development of expertise.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal No. 10:

  • World Championships as a work-inclusive arena
  • Equal opportunities in sports

Sustainability Goal No. 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Plastic-smart ski world championships and locally sourced food

m†l 12- bokm†l

By being mindful of reuse, procurement, and consumption – and engaging with local producers – Trondheim 2025 aims to minimize its footprint.

We are taking several concrete steps for smart procurement and use of equipment, as well as recycling and reuse: We have sustainable procurement practices that support local entities prioritizing sustainable consumption and production. Collaborative agreements with other organizers on shared equipment are in place, and we aim to purchase used equipment for anything not intended to be permanent after the championship. We strive to contribute to solutions for making outdoor winter events more plastic-smart and offer a sustainable food concept that showcases the Trøndelag food region.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal No. 12:

  • Plastic-Smart Ski World Championships
  • Sustainable and Locally Sourced Food and Catering

bærekraftsmål nr 13: Stoppe klimaendringene

Fra avfall til ressurs, transport og mobilitet

m†l 13- bokm†l

Ved å oppfordre til ansvarlige valg hos oss selv, vårt publikum, våre samarbeidspartnere og leverandører skal Trondheim 2025 ha et redusert klimaavtrykk.

Trondheim 2025 tar en rekke grep for å bidra til å stoppe klimaendringene. Innen transport og mobilitet skal vi utfordre bransjen på bærekraftige transportmidler for publikumstransport, samt stille krav om nullutslipp på akkreditert transport. Vi tilrettelegger for løsninger som sikrer resirkulering, gjenbruk og riktig avfallshåndtering. Vi skal velge energieffektive løsninger og ha tiltak for å holde energiforbruket så lavt som mulig, og vi skal ta miljøansvar og være en pådriver for grønne idrettsarena gjennom miljøsertifisering av våre hovedarenaer.

Vi har definert følgende to fyrtårnprosjekter for FN-mål nr. 12:

  • Fra avfall til ressurs
  • Transport og mobilitet

Sustainability Goal No. 17: Partnerships for the Goals

SPOR and WSC Academy

m†l 17- bokm†l

Trondheim 2025 aims to be a collaborative arena that builds expertise and promotes awareness of sustainable value creation.

Collaboration is crucial for Trondheim 2025, both internally and externally. With SPOR, we have established a platform for businesses to engage in sustainable value creation using the World Championships as a catalyst. We will conduct sustainability conferences based on our values and establish the World Championship Academy to strengthen our volunteer concept. By being open and sharing documentation and expertise, we aim to make our sustainability efforts accessible to all.

We have defined the following two flagship projects for UN Goal No. 17:

  • SPOR
  • World Championship Academy

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